What about these tracks??

Flockonderwerp · 35747
I made some tracks in the past.

Here are some of it:

Here i stand
Terror like track with rap vocals and breakbeats

Headrush 2002
Nice melodies and nice kicks. Nice track;)

Moral terror
Dark atmosphere.

We are speedfreaks
A real old one

2 fast for newstyle
This one goed fast at the end. This is also one of the oldest terror tracks but sounds still very good on my soundsystem

What do you guys think of these tracks??

One hint. Some here can be played best with winamp or sonique player because they are modules. The others are plain mp3 format.

At this time i'm busy with new tracks. One track i made with the untitled is allmost finnished...
laatste aanpassing
Can't listen now, don't have audio here, I will listen tomorrow(y)
It's not really my style, the tracks.­
But i do like Moral Terror, good percussion!