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SMACK Rec stands for Sociopatic Musicians Altering Caged Kaos.

It's small underground online music label specialized in the more harder and experimentel electronic sounds of today's music.

From breaks till speedcore, and everthing what's in between, except mainstream.

With a couple of producers we are planning a free downloadable release hopefully every month.

On these releases you can expect a mixture of drum'n bass/breaks(core)/noize/terror/speedcore tracks.

This is allready available:

VA SMACK001 - Biomechanoid

A1.The Untitled - Defeatist

A2.The Occultist - Come to Daddy

B1.Painetration - Lost

B2.D-Zire - T.V. is the Devil


A1.Arkoff - Counter Move

A2.The Untitled - The Darkest Hour

B1. The Occultist - Let It Roll

B2.Painetration - Im Right


SMACK Mix 001 : Painetration - Powerpenisset (Live @­ Overstuurd 30-09-06)

SMACK Mix 002:The Untitled - The Surrounding Darkness (half an hour of Drum'n Bass)

SMACK Mix 003:The Occultist - Smack Radio

Download this, all free @:

laatste aanpassing
but yeah it's about time we get some new shit on it.­
i have too make some work of it
take the time... take the time...
youre a busy man so take the time...
Uitspraak van UNTITLED. op zaterdag 7 april 2007 om 15:33:
but yeah it's about time we get some new shit on it.­

yea man ;) so i can come on SMACK005 :)
you got your own net label now :D
and i think smack 005 is going to be a expirimental one, after standard terror/speedcore of smack 004
Uitspraak van UNTITLED. op zaterdag 7 april 2007 om 19:29:
after standard terror/speedcore of smack 004

that was going to be an international release, right?
i don't confirm or deny anything about the label and it's upcoming releases :flower: :D
there's coming more action around smack (y)
do you know a date van the smacking action will start?:P
no, i don't have a clue about that,
but it will be a massive update :)
lets call it "the massive smacking action";P
i'm waiting also for new SMACK releases, they are magnificent (y)
were working in it! i believe 8)
Uitspraak van UNTITLED. op donderdag 12 april 2007 om 15:04:
i believe

I don't! You're just masturbating the whole time:(
atleast i have some one who do that for me :x
one of these days..­ is offline :nosmile:
is it dead:O!!
Dont tell me its dead!:O
don't pretend you didn't knew that 8)
Its just a good label;)
Jacob, is there nothing on your site except the intro image?
Or do I have to click somewhere?
Uitspraak van UNTITLED. op dinsdag 24 april 2007 om 20:24:
www.­smack-rec.­com is offline

Uitspraak van Tim Sipkes op vrijdag 4 mei 2007 om 20:32:
is there nothing on your site except the intro image

yes, there's nothing else

With the smack-rec website coming online again after a huge restyle, we thought it would be a great idea to launch the next release of smack records as well as a new smackmix with it;

­[img width=150 height=150][/img]
Various Artists Smack Records 004 - International Smackdown

Prima T - Nuclear Slave[img width=21 height=14][/img] France]
Intergalactik Purifier - Beautyfull Soul[img width=21 height=14][/img] Belgium]
Okcid - Death will not be your End[img width=21 height=14][/img] Russia]
Bonehead - The Love Song ( Infared ''I Hate you'' remix )[img width=21 height=14][/img] United Kingdom]


­[img width=356 height=356][/img]
Smack Records Mix 005: The Occultist - Smack Radio 2

Smack Radio returns to make a statement that it's boring
to watch or hear a dj who just plays one record after another.
Mixed, juggled, stabbed, flared and transformed by
The Occultist in the last week of april 2007 @ Cult's place.

01 The Occultist - intro (What Is Grabbing?)
02 DJ Butchwax - Hee-Haw Brayks
03 Celsius - YK
04 Ab-Hinc - Rest
05 The Horrorist - Run For Your Life
06 Traffik - Part 1
07 Subsonic - Braized
08 Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System
09 Marley Marl &­ MC Shan - Marley Marl Scratch
10 Matt Green - Intensities : Era 4
11 Ice-T - The Tower (instrumental)
12 Hektek - Let The Game Begin
13 Supply Module - Introducing An Intiutive Artic Exploration
14 Snap - The Power
15 Coffeecore - Coffee For The Courage
16 I:Gor - U *­ R My Survival
17 Tim Dog - Step To Me
18 Syndicate - Guerillas In The Mist
19 Animal Intelligence - Einstein
20 The Occultist - outro

Nice! will check them out both when im at home
Chill ze pakken het gelijk groots aan(Y)
(sry didnt knew how to say this in english;P)
Nummer 1 begint gelijk goed(Y)
Maar een tip op de site is het gastenboek dood;)
SUPER set!

Je hoort er een zekere Newlands in terug overigens :p

Zal em es bellen.
Ik vind het zeker goeie release en een zeer strakke mix:respect:
thanks guys! on behalf of the hole smack-crew :)
news on the next release coming soon i think hehe
is cool:)
laatste aanpassing
finally new shizzle coming up (!)
Like? mixes or smack005??
we can't talk about it yet :P B)
Make respect to Smack Records or else your party will be terminated :D