Where are you now?

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I'm @ School :P
@ home :rot:
@­ home in Capelle a/d IJssel
Boring my ass of behind my lappie :(
sat at home on ma sweet ass, eating quality street... listening to Narkotik @ Uproar 28.04.07 B)
@ home eating a hamburger:D
@­ Belgium @­ work
@­ home

recording a mixe
Sick @­home
At the house of my girlfriend, getting irritated by damn kiddies which have been playing with fireworks on the street in front of her house since early this morning, morons.­
laatste aanpassing
Sitting on the chair with my laptop having a headache 8)
@­ home
@­ Home now, @­ school in 10 minutes
home at klemskerke city
And home now, at my own room..­

Playing around with the new shaker +­ putting some extra glue on it with a glue gun.­
@home, still holiday :9.
at home in Milano...­getting ready for going to the gym