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Technoboy - Into Deep (09-12 Remix)
Cocaine motherfucker (volendam remix)

1. Hard Creation - I will have that power :respect:
2. Tha Playah - Fuck the titties
3. Neophyte vs Evil Activities - One of these days


1. Tatanka - Control the minds
2. D-Block & Stefan vs Mc Villain - Keep it comin
3. DonkeyRollers - Silver Bullet
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This is what I love..≠
And can't stop loving.≠
Get wasted at parties,
from nine 'till seven in the morning

I live for the music..≠
Rolling blunts,
feeling high,
getting loaded,
or take some pills and go to LaLaLand.≠
Spending all my money on dope
and extreme highpriced tickets.≠
But in the end it's all worth it!!

I like to live in my own world.≠
Fuck regular life, fuck a nine-to-five job.≠
I'm told to enjoy every moment,
Every hour, Every minute.≠
That's what I do on fridays and saturdays.≠

Why should I take life so seriously??
I just wanna do, what I like to do!
Being far from reality,
'Cause I can't stand society.≠
This is my own world..≠
I just wanna hear the music.≠

I think the whole system fucking sucks..≠
Everybody is working their fucking ass off during the week.≠
Getting totally fucking stressed out.≠
So what's wrong??!
And what's right??!

I live for the weekend
I live for hardstyles
I live for "≠HARDSTYLES"≠ baby!!