From which country are you?

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From which country are you? :)

Me: From the Netherlands:[
wahaha Just moved To Germany :rot:
Uitspraak van [N]ick(L)Lisa op woensdag 13 december 2006 om 10:38:
wahaha Just moved To Germany

That was not the question.

On topic: The Netherlands
Why don't the members from other countries post here :P?
Uitspraak van Dr. Eppo op maandag 18 december 2006 om 23:02:
That isn't a country

most people call it a country 8)

haha no it is in holland..
netherlands (Y)
laatste aanpassing
Uitspraak van Tim Sipkes op zondag 24 december 2006 om 18:50:

und speedcore aber naturlich ;) ahhaa
The Fuckin' Netherlands of course
Holland !!
always NL terror and speedcore
(noord-) holland
Uitspraak van [023] PimRitsel op zaterdag 30 december 2006 om 19:24:
"­I'm sjonnie, this is my family and we're from holland"­

ja? spreek ik met de politie? NEE!
der niederlanden jawohl :P
eine abrikosen in den nosen