Birthday topic :cheer:

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Is it your birthday, or someone else's from the Speedcore Worldwide flock?
Post it here :cheer:
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Nobody of the whole flock is born in the begin of December :O?
grongratulatiobs friends !!!! ;p my bday is in november the 6th
no birthdays in the future ? we will think of you :P
mine in march..­
I want you all to send me allot of money and presents and stuff
my birthday is 28 februari;) please send me cards:$
Uitspraak van Tim Sipkes op maandag 26 februari 2007 om 16:31:
please send me cards

post your adress.. (6) (if you dare)
It's my birthday today:D
Happy Birthday to Terrorschlag!
Have a nice day man(y)
Gratzzz on 16 years!!!
gatzz mate :jaja: and now ? puffing on a blunt and sipping on a heinken ? euuhjupiler :jaja: :P
Thanks to all of you guys:D and I'm drinking some cheap ass Austria beer:P I'm on vacation;)
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It's my little speedcore brother's birthday! He is 8 years now :D

He can't wait till he is 10 years old, i promised him i would learn him to spin records and produce speedcore then :)

He listens to speedcore and has a C.S.R poster in his bedroom :P

He became 8 years old today
Uitspraak van Dr. Eppo op donderdag 1 maart 2007 om 10:33:
He listens to speedcore and has a C.­S.­R poster in his bedroom

He became 8 years old today

ahahah cool and happy birthday to him :cheer:
Part of his mp3 player:

Bonehead - From the Netherlands.­mp3
Crazzhead - Piano Terreur.­mp3
Detest - Puto.­mp3
Detest - Say What.­mp3
Detest - Say Yoh.­mp3
Gabba Front Berlin - Bloodstorm.­mp3
Interrupt Vector - Hardcore Lampin`.­mp3
Interrupt Vector - Speedcore Sunday.­mp3
Komprex - enigma.­mp3
Lawrencium - Anti-Hardpwet.­mp3
Moshpit - Burn In Hell.­mp3
Noisekick - I Am The Only One.­mp3
Noisekick - The Maniac.­mp3
Paranoizer - rag 1.­mp3
Partyraiser &­ Triax - Assassins.­mp3
Plague - Decepticon.­mp3
Plague - War On Terror.­mp3
Plague - Watcha gonna do.­mp3
Scrapeface - Stap en Draai (Live).­mp3
Terrorist Kriss - PIN.­mp3
The Untitled - Idols 666.­mp3
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:-O :-O

ahahahha I like the kind of music he listen eheheh
I would like to have a brother like your :-)
My birthday was the 8th of februari, then I turned 18 :D
Hehe that was a fucking awesome party @ my girlfriend's place :D
Yeaa happy birthday to me :D
We had fun yesterday, didn't we (6):beer:
Uitspraak van Miss Eppo op zondag 4 maart 2007 om 23:12:
Yeaa happy birthday to me
We had fun yesterday, didn't we

Hell yeah :D :bier:
my birthday is 21 may :cheer:
6 november
gratz to psyclown (Y)
congratulations Psyclown
gratzz Psyclown