What are you going to do with x-mas/new year?

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Well..­ Share it with us..­ what are you going to do?
I want going to a Speedcore party..­ but there isn't one..­
so I have take look what to do with new year...­
That's a good question.­ I think I'm going far away.­ Maybe to play a terrorist for one day.­
Pokkerkerstherrie In amigo's in dordrecht! Not speedcore but a good lineup:P
i don't know
but i think i will go to a party:P
:frusty: what a shit for the new year absolutely nothing because I have to work ... and for x-mas with parent and than I will take a look for some party here in italy ..
I'm going to eat and stuff with family I think now:)
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Gourmetten ?

So what did everybody do :lol: ?
drink and euuuh drink and drink
laatste aanpassing
party in baracke, hamburg was awesome :D
whole night long fucking speedcore (L)