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What's your favorite Christmassong, leave your favorite song on this site and make change op een I-pod giga with an opslagcapaciteit van 9.­999.­999.­999.­999 terabite.­ It's a small mp3player that easely fits in your broekpocket

Leave your favorite song Fast, cause theres only two off them.­

Ik play auch with and my favorite song is:


Dus, nogmaals voor de Engelsleken!!

Laat je favoriete kerstsong achter!! En win een I-pod giga!!
laatste aanpassing
jingle bels jingle bels.....lalalalalal

oh enne natuurlijk die gouwe ouwe ;)
Last Christmas van Wham :P
rudolf the rednose raindeer...­jalalalalala
we wish you a merru christmas! ......and a happy new year :D
i'm dreaming of a white christmas :yes:
let it snow let it snow let is snow

( Yeah!! god geeft gratis Saus weg :P )
All I Want For X-Mas Is Youu.......:P:P:P
keeeeeeeeerst klokje klingelingeling keeeeeeeerst klokje kling
Christmas Time lalashalallaalashallaaaa!
Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to toooooown, lalalalal
ooooh the weather outside is frightfull and the time is so delightfull........­so when you have no place to go LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW
It's gonna be a cold and lonely christmas without you lalala
KlingKlokje KlingeLingeLing..­