Brain killers29 Jun 20173:39hardcore
Turn off the light Nelly? · [Bootleg]24 Jun 20173:32hardcore
Liveset..(uptempo Hardcore)21 Jun 201755:19uptempo hardcore
Hardcore 4 strings · bootleg17 Jun 20173:46hardcore
Liveset (Juni.2017)16 Jun 201754:02hardcore
Remember the old days · free download14 Jun 20173:01early hardcore
The experimental project of House11 Jun 20173:03experimental
Spirit (The Same Persons Remix) (Patterns)9 Jun 20173:09EDM
Give Me9 Jun 20173:03deephouse
The Moon house project6 Jun 20173:41house
Dj Skoo-K - Terror-MiniMix -[SRB]- (juni.2017) · BPM..230+5 Jun 201713:45terror
Mixbreed Soldier (C-Section Remix) (Lowroller) · Contest Remix Preview Version5 Jun 20173:52hardcore
Atlantis (Alan walker)4 Jun 20173:52hardcore
Early Gabber-HardcoreMix (Juni.2017)2 Jun 201730:21early rave
Freestyle--HardcoreMix (Juni.2017)1 Jun 201732:01hardcore
Early Rave-HardcoreMix (Juni.2017)31 May 201728:07early hardcore
The antimatter factory30 May 20173:16industrial hardcore
The sunday kick player · preview29 May 20171:38industrial hardcore
Gabbers of lonsdale26 May 20172:15hardcore
The new born gabbers · first preview!!!22 May 20171:52raw hardstyle
My World My game · 190 BPM - Preview21 May 20171:28hardcore
Blow your mind20 May 20173:42darkcore
The Hardcore Gladiator · preview 2 with cutt off kicks19 May 20172:43hardcore
Distortion vs. Radiate & Skoo-K -LIVE- @ HardcoreRadio · Uit de oude doos (jr.2010)17 May 201742:11hardcore
From begin till the end · preview13 May 20171:47hardstyle
The fucking fly Is dead · uptempo 180 bpm raggen13 May 20172:59hardcore
Paramore - Still into You (SuBBaSS' Fan-/Dance edit) (Paramore) · Alpha/unmixed/preview13 May 20173:42EDM
Dj Skoo-K - Own Tracks Mix (Mei.2017)11 May 201734:01hardcore
Keep your soul alive8 May 20172:02trap
TECHNOTRONIC - Pump Up The Jam (BurtNinja Remix) (Technotronic)2 May 20174:55hardhouse
Turned On T.D.2 May 20175:54UK hardhouse
The Hammersmith Hardmen1 May 20176:12hardhouse
Wiggle to the wiggles29 Apr 20172:53hardcore
Hell No!29 Apr 20173:44hardcore
Wiggle the wiggle (preview)28 Apr 20171:32hardcore
The kick player · preview21 Apr 20171:32industrial hardcore
Secret Hart · uit de oude doos20 Apr 20173:38hardcore
Rasism & Hate · Uit de oude doos20 Apr 20173:27hardcore
Murdering People · Uit de oude doos20 Apr 20174:37hardcore
Go hard for core18 Apr 20172:46hardcore
The core of nation17 Apr 20172:45industrial hardcore
Europe - The Final Countdown16 Apr 20173:13raw hardstyle
Luv u more up tempo14 Apr 20172:44hardcore
Kind vd duivel up tempo14 Apr 20173:13hardcore
Banaan14 Apr 20172:21hardcore
Ziekgeluid14 Apr 20172:49hardcore
Hardcore-MiniMix --Dj Paul Elstak-- (Apr.2017 · The Godfather Of Hardcore12 Apr 201721:17hardcore
Young Stunner (uptempo edit 180 BPM final edit!!)10 Apr 20172:23hardcore
AngerContestMix6 Apr 201729:53hardcore
HardcoreMix (Apr.2017) · -Mainstream HC-2 Apr 201726:35hardcore