Pär Grindvik (foto)
NaamPär Grindvik
FunctieDJ, live act
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Enjoying life inspired by memories and music from the past, combining them with the progressing sound of techno. Pär Grindvik is an artist that always aims to compose music that keeps the aesthetics and underground culture alive.

Pär Grindvik or his pseudonym The Hollow has been a core person of the Swedish electronic scene since the nineties as record store-owner (Illegal Stockholm), label manager and producer. He is a well established artist and after many years of touring and releases on big name labels like Drumcode, Spectral Sound and his own label Stockholm LTD, which he created and founded in 2002, he is now based in Berlin, Germany.
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26 mei 2012
Foto's, Edit Festival, 26 mei 2012, Veerplas, Haarlem
26 november 2005
Foto's, Awakenings, 26 november 2005, Gashouder, Amsterdam
24 september 2005
Foto's, TechnotriXX, 24 september 2005, Matrixx, Nijmegen
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Heer en Meester !!
Chris TC
Helden set op Switch 8)
vs. Hardcell (L)

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Great sounds, they always catch me:D :lief: One of the best dj's on this planet:yes:(y)
Fokking great
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Waarom staat deze gast nergens geboekt???!! Wil deze gast zoooo graag zien samen met Hardcell!!