Liam McEwen (foto)
Genreshardcore, hardstyle, house
Currently DJing in City Nightlub Falkirk & Coyotes Falkirk aswell as having recently played and future gigs at The Arches Glasgow, Dusk Nightclub Stirling & The Courtyard Glasgow.

March 2008 saw Liam take on his 1st gig at Dusk Nightclub Stirling Under 18's.
This lead to a residency at this event for just under 2 years before it closed down.
Aswell as Dusk, Liam played regular event's for Scotland's number 1 under 18's event NRG.

Summer 2009 Liam picked up his 1st booking at a over 18's event in a his hometown Falkirk at local nightclub Metro where he went on to play on a regular basic before the club closed down in December that year.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 4 augustus 2018: Coloursfest 2018, Braehead arena, Glasgow
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