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Britta Unders
15 juni 2018
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The year is 2016. Britta Arnold, space-girl, love child and musical jetsetter meets Unders, world-traveller, mad scientist and former Tin-Tin impersonator. It was here that two mirrors met, two ambitions joined and two styles merged to create what is now known as Britta Unders. Whether playing music to weekend ravers, swinging in the studio shaping emotions into sound, or casually planning their creative futures involving bus trips, mobile studios, remixes, releases and beyond, these kindred spirits are inhaling and exhaling each moment like the full moon does the tides. It's natural. After their auspicious meeting at Britta's Grrr Mit Brrr party in the magical country of Kater Blau on the banks of the river Spree, much was to happen for our spirited duo. In a matter of months, the chemistry between them had already created an EP for Katermukke, a remix for Jonas Saalbach on Einmusika and remixes for Nico Stojan & JAW, Be Svendson and Arman Miran.

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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 17 oktober 2019: Moments, Wolf Atelier, Amsterdam


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