foto Iridium
NaamLucas Rutily & Alesandre Domont
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
Oud lid
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore


Iridium was born in the end 2016, these french djs and producers wants to bring a new style of brutal Hardcore.

Influenced by Electronic Music in general, they blend hardcore and violence with drum & bass, crossbreed, dubstep, trap, hardtechno ... The Metal culture is also omnipresent, it gives the power from massive drums and e-guitar riffs.

Masked like Predator they came from a new universe for strong live shows. A medley of mix, live & instruments with a powerfull e-guitar while performing Live.

Now part of The Third Movement and Heresy roster, expect to see a lot of hybrid stuff and energy on stage.