foto Daniël van der Zwaag
NaamDaniël van der Zwaag
Lid van groepFerdy & Daniel


Daniel, a dj/producer hailing from Sneek, in the north of the Netherlands. As of young age, Daniel is influenced by a musical family. Playing the guitar, keys and more at a young age, transformed into a solid base for starting to play and produce electronic music when he grew older.

Being a familiar face in the Northern dance scene, and a member of an intimate family of dj's and friends, Daniel plays together with good friend en colleague Ferdy (Proton, Global Underground). Daniel is producing and playing residencies at Nokturné, Pand48, PLAY!, Puinhoop and many more.
Furthermore, Daniel & Ferdy play live performances with other musicians, providing a solid groove for some of the finest drummers, sax players and keys virtuosos around.