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Genresdancehall, hip hop, kizomba, r&b, reggae, soulful house, zouk
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Dj Dameri is from Surinam descent and born and raised in Tha Hague. Ever since childhood he has been violently addicted to music. Because of all the different types of genres been listned to in his house, he is open to almost everything. From Madonna to Whitney Houston and from Michael Jackson to Tupac Shakur. He then also made oldschool mixtapes where he recorded quite literally from CD to tapes. Around the age of 14 he developed the love for reggae and dancehall and that has been growing over the years. That's also when he came in touch for the first time with the program Traktor DJ. A year later, he made a first attempt to get started as a Dj, because his love for music had to be expressed...