© Isolde Woudstra Photography
Spokenn (foto)
NaamJasper Verrijzer & Maurits Reiss
FunctieDJ, groep
Ferro, Jasper Verrijzer, partyflock Ferr
Reiss, Maurits Reiss, partyflock REISS
Genreshouse, minimal
BoekingenSite meanwhile.nl
Spokenn; the musical merging of minds between Ferro and Reiss. Whilst initially only co-inhabiting a studio space, a shared love for analogue house and techno quickly led to collaborative sessions with their machines. The friendship between them grew deeper and as time progressed their individual visions on music reached a point of convergence as well. During the impromptu sessions behind the decks at VBX that followed they managed to translate the connection between them into certified dancefloor magic. Naming the project was the only natural step to take.
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