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Ryanosaurus (foto)
NaamRyan Whare
FunctieDJ, live act
Genresdowntempo, progressive, psytrance
SiteSite ryanosaurus.com
The project begun as a place to release the solo work of Ryan Whare from Australia. With a drive for interesting but crisp and powerful production, the psychedelic trance genre was an instant attraction. After years of cutting his teeth on the local Sydney scene and writing with Mr Bill for his duo project Electrocado, Ryan begun releasing Ryanosaurus on the free music distributor Ektoplazm, and quickly built up a following for his unique style. He has now had releases on labels around the globe such as; Zenon, Iboga, Kinematic, Glitchy Tonic, Another Psyde, UP, Maia and Hass Records.

Expect plenty more in the future!
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 22 juli 2018: Boom Festival, Lake idanha-a-nova, Idanha-a-nova
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