foto 2nd Phase
NaamStuart Mclellan & Gary Edgar
FunctieDJ, groep
Genrestechno, trance


What began as a shared interest and passion for electronic music has in the last two years developed into one of the freshest most exciting trance acts to emerge in the scene to date. From that has come a new miscellany of 'tech' trance sounds causing damage in club nights across the globe. This year kick-starts with a groove laden remix for Mike Koglin's trance classic 'The Silence' on Noys Music and an equally white hot remix for Bryan Kearney and Liam Melly's track 'Second Nature' forthcoming on Fraction Records. The ever growing relationship with Fraction continues with a string of productions already lined up for the label. It already looks like this year is going to be bursting at the seams with new material from the lads...

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Laatste feest was op woensdag 17 oktober 2018: In Trance We Trust Festival, WesterUnie, Amsterdam
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