Lady Deep (foto)
NaamLiz Bostock
Lid van groepTHE MDLZ
Genresafro, deephouse, funk, soulful house, techhouse
Amsterdam-based (Deep) House DJ and producer Lady Deep is someone who connects the dots between a variety of sounds, styles and scenes with ease. Her roots stem from disco (New York Studio 54/ Larry Levan Paradise Garage sound), soul, funk, jazz to underground (Chicago) house (Frankie Knuckles) with a twist of Detroit techno (Jeff Mills, Derrick Carter). Lady Deep is the alter ego of ShowbizzLiz, a known name in the underground house scene in Holland and abroad for more than 20 years.In September '015 she created DJ Lady Deep she intends to take you on a musical quest to fulfill her need to arouse your feelings of bliss, love and unrestrained sensations on dance floors around the world.
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Party agenda Lady Deep
Laatste optreden was op donderdag 18 oktober 2018: Big Up, Three sisters, Amsterdam

Party agenda THE MDLZ (groep)
gisteren: Women of House gratis ADEBar The Web, Amsterdam
Bo Monde, Katya Gabeli, Lilly Palmer, Natarcia, Terri B, THE MDLZ, Vanita
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