12 november 2015
NaamPhilip Warthmann
Functie85 × MC, 2 × DJ
HerkomstDuitsland 🇩🇪
Genresdrum & bass


MC Fava belongs to the 'Breakbeat Movement" Cru based in Freiburg. Together they are running their regular event 'Jungle Club" since 2001. Fava is a chameleon on the Mic – hosting the official Therapy Sessions Switzerland as resident MC on one day and singing over a liquid set at a Hospitality event the other day. He is what you could call a pretty talented and open minded vocalist. With more than 10 years experience he knows how to support a DJ on the Mic and when to shut up to let the music speak for itself. With gigs all over Europe, highly respected residencies at the legendary Fabric Club, London or Sun and Bass on Sardinia and collaborations with ones like Klute, Seba, B-Complex or Nymfo he is without any doubt one of Germany's big names on the Mic. His roots go back to EBM, Industrial and Punkrock. Moreover he is the Songwriter, Guitarist and Lead-singer of the 8 piece Skapunk Band 'No Authority".

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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 17 mei 2024: Liquicity, Trix, Antwerpen


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