foto Lisa Lashes
NaamLisa Dawn Rose-Wyatt
FunctieDJ, producer
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresharddance, trance


From tearing up dance floors under the Mediterranean sun of the White Isle, to filling out stadiums in South Africa, partying it up in the Nordic seas on a huge ocean liner, to nostalgic nights at some of the UK's most prestigious clubs; Miss Lashes has seen more of the party than most!

When not headlining at one of Europe's top festivals such as Global Gathering, Creamfields and Dance Valley; or playing to her adoring fans at some of the UK's biggest domestic nights such as Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Inside Out and Planet Love ; Lisa's musical adventure regularly sees her packing her suitcase and touring her style to another corner of the globe.

Uitgaansagenda Lisa Lashes

Laatste feest was op zondag 28 mei 2017: Frantic 20th Birthday, Koko, London
26 november 2011
Foto's, Lashed, 26 november 2011, Inc. Avenue, Vlaardingen
11 december 2010
Foto's, Lashed, 11 december 2010, Maassilo, Rotterdam
23 april 2005
Foto's, Matrixx, 23 april 2005, Matrixx, Nijmegen

14 waarderingen

Fusion of dance 2012 my god, great set!
Arbi (Gabber Syndrome)
de enige op 550 die maar beetje mixtechnisch was (Y) en Strak!
She is a Darling Angel with a great personality
My female hero. Good person with a great music vibe :respect:
Yesterday in the Matrixx, first time we saw Lisa....­ WoW! What an experience!!! You rock girl!!!!
ohh yes, i love ya (=­
Heerlijk mens en lekker normaal gebleven!
jezus, hoe lekker is ze en draait ze wel niet! echt niet normaal, genieten!
Lisa.....­Lisa......­Lisa.....­girl..­you rock
6-12-2008 voor het eerst gezien in de Lexion...thumbs up (y)
Gisteravond in de Lexion, een fantastische set neergezet!!
Yugo Boy
Een woord Grandioos een topper eerste klas die dame.­
de beste vrouwelijke dj
ze draait geweldigggggggggggggggg:bounce:

10 opmerkingen

supper d.j !:cheer:
cker respect voor deze mooie goed draaiende dame :D
Moet echt wat meer in beeld komen hier in Nederland :yes: Enorm vette producties!
beste vrouwelijke dj! zeker weten! :respect:
Heee Lisa, do you speak Dutch or does somebody else run this partyflock site ? Hope to meet you soon, first time at the Casa de Musica indoor festival in Goes !! Looking forward to it.
Thankx for the great performance lisa , been to different party`s of you in england , and it was honour to see you at my home front....
will add you to my facebook , and follow your Agenda , hope to see you soon here in holland or at your mainland.
By the way , thankx for the foto shot we made together on stage at Maassilo it`s also in the party album here online.

Greetz , Eddy - The Boss
laatste aanpassing
Rete dikke set op a state of trance 550!! respect!
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !