Estated (foto)
NaamElliott Borgström
Genresdrum & bass
Elliott 'Estated" started his interest for dj'ing around the summer of 2009. After a long period of musical projects everything was finally focused through one channel; the art of dj'ing.After teaming up with London-born and now Stockholm-based MC Alman, the career started of pretty good.
The duo had several sucessful gigs in Stockholm for a few years, but as the scene of Drum & Bass was kind of limited, so where the actual amount of gigs.Feeling that something needed to be done about the alternative scene in Sweden, since it was pretty much only Traffic Drum & Bass who had a continous venue where underground bass music was played, Estated now teamed up with the Visionfruit crew. A group of people striving towards music and art...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 25 september 2015: Back2Back Presents, Slakthuset, Stockholm
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