Le Cher (foto)
NaamCher Vroegop
Genresclassics, deephouse, funk, techhouse
Le Cher known as a flamboyant personality, born entertainer and magnificent DJ.
With his own style (deephouse, techhouse, oldschool), funky stuff and unique stageperformance, Le Cher knows as a perfect entertainer how to lift every party to a higher level.

After visiting a lot of dance-events all across the globe, Cher decided to start his own DJ career in 2005.

As co-owner and creative mind behind "At The VillaGroup", he owns one of the most popular and exclusive club-concepts in the South of the Netherlands and Belgium.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 26 januari 2018: Herrie met Gerrie, Waalhalla, Nijmegen
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