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FunctieDJ, producer
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Genresdeephouse, house, progressive, techhouse, techno
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Internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, radio host, and label owner Darin Epsilon is often referred to as a leader of the Progressive & Tech House scene. His Perspectives radio show and podcast, along with his frequent guest appearances on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio allow him to reach tens of thousands of listeners on a regular basis. His SoundCloud page alone has over 1 MILLION total plays and receives a whopping 10,000 plays per week. He launched his record label Perspectives Digital in November 2010 as an extension of the brand, further solidifying his influence and presence within the global dance community. To top it all, he was named one of the winners in John Digweed & Beatport's DJ Competition during the summer of 2011.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 10 februari 2017: RLGC44, Recycle Lounge Gallery Club, Amsterdam
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Heerlijk progressive!!!