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NaamEugen Boorsma
Ever since his younger years, Eugen Boorsma felt drawn to the world of music. During his teens, he was a devoted guitarist, never taking a moment's rest from rehearsing his favourite hard-rock songs. Not long after, Eugen discovered dance music, and instantly felt a connection with the harder and darker electronic genres. Spending years on developing and sculpting his production skills, he progressed into a creative and seasoned studio professional at an unprecedented pace. In 2015, the puzzle pieces began fitting together perfectly and MYST was born.
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XXlerator Carnaval 87 bezoekersEvenementenhal VenrayVenray
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REBiRTH Festival · Guardian of Eternity 2 WIN1583 bezoekersFestivalterrein Raamse AkkersHaaren
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