My Minds Mine (foto)
NaamRosco & Bato & Shantia & Wiebe
Functieband, groep
Leeftijd22 - 23
My Minds Mine started in 1995 as a four piece spewing some furious grindcore. Influences were taken from bands as Napalm Death/Heresy/SOB/Brutal Truth. After doing some gigs a demotape was recorded, soon to be followed by an EP and an album entitled: "Between soothing consolation and uncontrollable madness" In the time that followed My Minds Mine did gigs in Holland/ Belgium/ Germany/ France/ Poland and a Japan tour in 2001 with IDIOCY OF GROTESQUE and UNHOLY GRAVE. A second album named "Scenes of the complete annihilation of this planet" and several (split) EP's were recorded. Again gigs followed with bands like Napalm Death, Seeing Red, Agathocles, Nasum, Rot, Malignant Tumor, Abuso Sonoro, Last Days of Humanity, Yacopsae, Abstain...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 19 juni 2015: Dokk'em Open Air, Tolhuispark, Dokkum
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