Alex Louder (foto)
NaamPatrick Alexander van der Beek
Genreshouse, moombahton, trap
Patrick Alexander van der Beek, better known as Alex Louder is a producer and DJ to keep an eye out for. In 2012 he got in touch with the sounds of house and trap, and he was immediately hooked on that dirty bass.

He has already achieved some great things, such as being asked to do an official remix for DJ Chuckie and Gregor Salto and receiving massive support from names like Victor Niglio and SayMyName!, Saint Liz and more.

2013 will be the year you see Alex Louder on more and more parties, providing you with that exclusive dirty bass sensation.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 4 februari 2017: Coconut Cove, Kiwi, Groningen
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