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foto Logiztik Sounds
FunctieDJ, producer
Genresdeephouse, electronica, techno
Nicolas Silvano aka Logiztik Sounds was born on December 16th, 1981, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Since an early age he showed a strong love for music, he spent his days listening to 80's bands like Kratfwerk, Depeche Mode and Camouflage that had a great influence on him. At the age of 14 he started to get more and more involved in the DJ world as well as dancing Rap, Hip Hop and Break Dance. Nicolas's great passion for music was notorious.

After years of interest and research, by 2000 he got involved in rave parties and has been a key participant in the most relevant House and Techno music events ever since.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 20 november 2015: November Beats, Recycle Lounge Gallery Club, Amsterdam
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