hANZLE (foto)
FunctieDJ, producer
Genresexperimental, techno
hANZLE was born in 1987 in Rotterdam, at a young age already interested in audio equipment and recording sounds from the radio while listening to house music.

Fascinated by vinyl, he got his first Technics sl1200's in 2005 and started mixing house and minimal music.
Over the years his style took a more deeper and darker turn.

By combining atmospheric pads & soundscapes with deeply percussion and electronica elements, he knows how to get his crowd going and taking them to a higher state of mind.

In the past few years hANZLE has managed to share stages with artists like: Shifted, Christian Wünsch, Surgeon, Ritzi Lee, Jan Fleck, Sebastian Groth, Sigha, Charlotte de Witte and more...
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