Coming Soon (foto)
NaamDui Biton & Irad Brant
FunctieDJ, groep
Coming Soon!!! is the fresh progressive trance project of producers Irad Brant & Dui Bitton which came to life in 2012.
Both artists have been active in the international psychedelic trance circuit for over a decade, each leading a successful solo project.
After years of friendship and motivation for change these two bright souls decided to join hands and work on a new progressive oriented project. The alias chosen 'Coming Soon!!!' describes well their motivation to produce fresh and innovative progressive sounds.
The duo was instantly signed with internationally acclaimed Hamburg based label Spin Twist Records and right from their debut release topped the charts of Beatport...
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Party agenda Coming Soon
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 25 november 2017: Transmission, O2 Arena, Praag
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Best music ever !!!!
Gvd wat een lekkere set op ASOT!!­ Ben benieuwd waar we deze gasten weer gaan zien!