6 mei 2020
NaamArthur Verhoeven
Functie53 × DJ
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle


When it comes to new talent, Crossfight is one of the game changers in the hardstyle scene, thanks to their unique hard-hitting kicks, rough screeches and fresh melodic sounds. It all started when Arthur met Laurens on a holiday. At that moment they were two individual producers with a passion for the harder styles. After the holiday they became close friends and decided to bundle their forces to create a brand-new act named Crossfight. After years of producing they finally found the perfect balance in their sound where hard-hitting kicks crosses refreshing mainstream melodies. Throughout their career Crossfight released numerous tracks on Scantraxx's sublabel X-Raw records and Roughstate's second label Rough Recruits. In 2018 Arthur and Laurens decided to break up their tasks. Laurens will be focusing on the music productions, because he's the best at it and there lies his passion. Arthur will be the face of Crossfight. His goal is to drag the audience along in an energetic atmosphere during his performance...

Uitgaansagenda Crossfight

Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 10 september 2022: The Forest festival, Achterstraat, Heesch


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30 april 2022
Foto's, Execution, 30 april 2022, Studio A12, Bunnik
5 maart 2022
Foto's, PRYZE, 5 maart 2022, H7 Warehouse, Amsterdam

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Suc6 arthur en collega,mooi om te zien dat je gewoon doorgaat de aanhouder wint jongen zo is het(Y)