Skywalker (foto)
NaamLuc Vibes
Genresdrum & bass, dubstep, hip hop
21 year old French rapper based in Geneva, Switzerland. After writing poetry and songs, I discovered the Freestyle tradition at a young age through PM Niko (Potions Master Niko) and Dr. Koul, world Wide connects co-founder. I started making music with the very talented Dr. Souss.

Ever since, I have performed with a band, Purple Sky Highlights (with whom I got most of my experience in live performances) and with artists such as Evita, Loco Lox, Jackito, Ronka, Ano-mime, Vivace, PM Niko, Dr. Koul, V-rus, Ronka, etc. Joining world Wide connects and SLY INK (Swiss Life Youth Introducing New Knowledge) changed my influences and helped me develop my style.
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