No Sense (foto)
NaamThomas & Paul
FunctieDJ, groep
GenresEDM, trap
Thomas and Paul began their musical journey separated. They had very different musical styles, and started out at small high school parties. A few years later they attended the same university. It is there that they occasionally played together. They realised that their different styles matched surprisingly well, so they gave it a shot. In the years that followed they gained an important amount of experience and develloped a 'dancefloor-feeling'. No Sense was founded!

With a complete reference list, No Sense became a respected duo. They mix the music you know with the music you definetly should know. Completed by MC Rim, No Sense provides a quality-set.
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 31 december 2014: Timeless, Waregem expo, Waregem
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