Mario White (foto)
NaamMario Zils
Lid van groepMilitary Madness
Leeftijd36 - 37
Genreshardtechno, schranz, techno
Mario White (bourgeois name Mario Zils) is born 1981 in Unna (Germany).
His concentrated passion for electronic beats started in the early 90's and his first attempts based on that time.
In the year 2001 his efforts becomes recompenses, he gets the opportunity to be a resident mixing artist in the Future Club in Kiel (Germany), he was mixing in several styles, hardtrance and techno.
He was working about 24 months as resident mixing artist in the Future Club!
Next step in his carrer as mixing artist was at the VIVA Musicclub in Kiel (Germany). He became there also the position as resident mixing artist. Nowadays he gets bookings for several events in all categories...
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