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At the age of 14 Miss Cyra developed her passion for the biggest youth movement of the world: the HipHop culture !
Growing up among B-Boys, MCs, Writers and Deejays Miss Cyra at first expressed her creativity in the form of the incredible Graffiti-Art. But with more and more HipHop- and RnB-Songs finally reaching Germany from overseas (e.g. SWV, Snoop Doogy Dogg, Mary J. Blige, KRS-1, Jade...) her deep connection to the actual music increased and made her wanting to change the output-form of her creativity into working directly with the music and the beats.
So 1997 Cyra finally made the decision to buy two turntables and a mixer and from that day on she practise her mixing, several scratches and backspins every single day...
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