Pin Up Club (foto)
NaamJosef van Galen
FunctieDJ, live act
Leeftijd37 - 38
Genresafro, disco, nu disco, retro
Pin Up Club is a producers duo from Amsterdam. Their music can be described as trippy leftfield electronica with dark disco and EBM flavoures.

Tracks and remixes signed by labels like Bordello a Parigi (NL), RELISH and NEIN Records (UK) are getting support from DJ's all over the world. Their EP 'FRIENDS OF THE VORTEX' 12" released in 2017 on Bordello a Parigi was reviewed with an 7.5 in DJMag and is sold out by now.

Pin Up Club played DJ gigs on numerous festivals like 'A day at the Park', 'Amsterdam Dance Event', 'Best Kept Secret' and in clubs like 'Marktkantine' (NL), 'BAR' (NL), 'La Dame Noir' (FR) and 'Bossa Nova' (NYC).

As a live act Pin Up Club played in the Ekko(NL) and in Salon Zur Wilden Renate (Berlin).
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