foto Unterwelt
NaamNiels Reininga
Genrestechhouse, techno


Unterwelt, also known as Niels Reininga, is a Dutch DJ who started spinning records a few years ago as a resident DJ in the great techno club Subsonic in his home town of Groningen. In 2007, he lived in Berlin, there finding his love, inspiration, and passion for techno music. The sound of Berlin was his motivation to get started and from that moment on he evolved his DJ skills, becoming who he is today a DJ who plays with boundless energy and only wants one thing, a positive crowd. Unterwelt wants his crowd to enjoy and feel his sound with the same intensity with which he plays it. These sounds come from decks but also vinyl. Unterwelt stands for the sound of techno and tech house.

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 25 oktober 2019: Trammelant, Graanfabriek, Groningen
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