foto Castaparia Sound
NaamIato (mc) & Marco (dj) & Bymat (mc)
FunctieDJ, soundsystem, MC
Genresdancehall, reggae


Casta Paria Sound is a reggae and dancehall soundsystem born in Verona (Italy) in the beginning of 2008. The crew is formed by Iato (mc), Marco aka Mobil (selecta) and ByMat (mc).

The original name take inspiration from the indian culture, and stand for music from the people to the people. In fact the first aim of the sound was to spread good reggae music and soundsystem culture locally.

Few months after the formation of the sound, Casta Paria starts to organize the first dancehalls and festival in Verona. During the four years of activity the sound opened the show to famous italian artists, big sounds and played in Italy's famous yard like Reggaemilia, Veneto Blaze and One Beat.

Uitgaansagenda Castaparia Sound

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 31 oktober 2015: Bokito Rave Party, Hundread Sound Accompany, Groningen
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