NaamFrancesco B. Modugno
Functielive act
partyflock Kraken (21 jul 2014)


Since 2003 metal and rock dj and singer in 2008 turns to electronic sounds - mainly on strong and fast ones - without stopping his previous activities.
Since 2008 to 2010 member of Droid Sound sound system, holds a trasmission on tuesday night on Radio Blackout (
Since 2010 to 2011 member of Violent Underground project.
Kraken has played and plays as LIVE SET performance artist in several free parties, clubs and discos. In the tracks you may find lots of rock and metal influences, which transmit power and impact to the sound.
Until now he has collaborated with several artists like The Sickest Squad, D.O.M., X-mind, Cemtex, Chem D, Brutal Jesters, Carles S, Zeta Reticuli and Corrupted Minds.

Uitgaansagenda Kraken

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 23 maart 2019: KAOS, Audiodrome, Turijn