Opgerichtnovember 2012
Leeftijd4 - 5
Genresdancehall, electro, hip hop, house, moombahton, progressive, r&b, reggaeton, trap, urban
At the end of 2012, close personal friendships, a shared love for music and creative and business-minded backgrounds, formed a unique synergy, which has come to be known as Squat City.

This young DJ/Producer duo has quickly become one of the fastest growing names in Maastricht and the south of The Netherlands, including Belgium's nightlife mecca Hasselt. Wherever this duo goes, they are able to bridge the gap between various music styles and genres. From grimy hip-hop, to trap and everything in-between.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 20 november 2015: Squat City, Cliniq, Maastricht
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