Amygdala Projects (foto)
NaamLászló Néder
Functielive act
Genresambient, dub, psytrance
Amygdala is the stage name of László Néder from Hungary.
He is playing the guitar since 20 years and a member of a rockband, but he started to making electric music first time just "for the living room". In 2008 he began to make live acts and debut in clubs of Budapest, and in 2010 on biggest festival of Hungary ( Sziget Fesztivál, Cöxpón Ambient sátor ). His style is a mix of ambient, experimental, drone and electronic music. He lives in the countryside and inspirded by the nature. Nowadays, he compose music for short document films and industrial videos as well.
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Party agenda Amygdala Projects
Laatste optreden was op zondag 14 augustus 2011: Sziget Festival, Óbudai-sziget, Budapest
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