Mixomaz (foto)
NaamKevin Michielsen
Lid van groepB2B Soundsystem
Mixomaz is one of the funky few house dj's that successfully bridged the gap between being commercially successful and staying true to the underground. His sound has been described as a combination of the best of old and new electronic dance music. In 1994, he started his journey as dj Kevin in "The PromisedLand" a basement lounge bar in Kontich (Antwerp) for the young and beautiful. By the end of 1996, due to the need of expansion, Area 51 was born and he continued his success story. The search for new challenges brought him to Bell's Café and Shooters in Boom (Anwerp) to Red&Blue, probably one of most beautifull clubs in Antwerp, best known for its famous Studio '54 nights...
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