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NaamTiago Gonçalo Braga
James Goncalo Braga, better known as Blast, is a natural Dj from Porto city. He began his career as a Dj in April 2007 and immediately secured the presence Yellow Stripe - hand T-Rex and the C - Netik .

Since then, it has macar constant presence in Therapy Sessions in Portugal, sharing stages with artists such as: Advertising, Current value, Raiden, Counterstrike, Panacea, Limewax, Vicious Circle, Prolix, among others .

In November 2007he discloses for the first time his work abroad, along with T - Rex 's presentation of the album Offkey " The Firm LP " In 2009 he won the distinction of Revelation in COP Dj Awards 2009 .

Blast has always been a fan of Vinyl, recently joined the digital medium .
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