Yassco (foto)
NaamYassine Oulkadi
Genreseclectic, hip hop, moombahton, r&b
DJ Yassco is a talented and upcoming DJ who has been acknowledging the turntables for several years now. He has always been interested in mixing sets and has always dreamt about a job in which he can make people happy.

He got his official debut on the turntables after sending in a mix tape to the main DJ of the Mondial, who is known as deejay Ay-d. Once heard he got invited to play a gig at 'R&B Heaven', the event deejay Ay-d organises every month. From that point on he went and completed Urban mixes in different styles such as: Old School Hiphop, Rnb, Eclectic, Moombathon, Trap and (Dirty) House Music. In addition he also likes to get involved with Arabic tunes and Raï music.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 14 juli 2018: About Last Night, Chique, Heerlen
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