Dualcore (foto)
NaamNicola Consoli & Michele Consoli
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Genresdrum & bass, frenchcore, hardcore
BoekingenSite audiogenic.fr
partyflock DUALCORE (7 dec 2012)
Dualcore is an Italian Frenchcore duo based in Ancona. Their first release has come out in october on the Italian label Headfuck Negative with an Extended Play of two tracks "This is our time Ep - HDF11". On february 2013 the duo has released an Ep of three tracks on GGM Digital Records "Fast Death Ep - GGM Digital 37". Still in 2013 other two releases has come out both on Headfuck (Electronic Music - HDF18) and on the new outcoming Italian label Pure Kore Sound (D.O.M. vs Dualcore - AssKickerz Ep - PKS01). To close this 2013 full of events the duo has released a four track Ep "Game Over - NRTXDIGI 01" on Audiogenic's new Label: Neurotoxic Digital.
More releases has to come, saty tuned.
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