NaamRamon Strien
Genresbreakcore, frenchcore, hardcore, hardstyle, terror
partyflock Final Judgement (18 mei 2016)
You like the harder tunes? Then you'll surely love mine!
I'm an 18 year old upcoming hardcore producer from The Netherlands.
I get my inspiration from the big names but above all from my own feelings and emotions.
My tracks are all about playing it very fucking loud and making as much as noice as possible heheh :)
I've always loved the hard kick and bass and I will never get enough. It's in my heart and it will stay there always. My tracks improve with every one I make and I will never quit !!
I'd love to release some tracks one day so I can release my own Merchandise heheh !! I already have one collaboration released at Hard Impact Records.
Please check out my Facebook page and subscribe to my Youtube channel...
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Party agenda Final Judgement
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