The Qure
Uit je naad! · 7 februari 2014
NaamQuinthony Chirino
Genresearly hardcore, early hardstyle, freestyle, hardcore, harddance, hardstyle, raw hardstyle
partyflock MC The Qure (11 sep 2016)


Quinthony Chirino was born in 1991 on the Dutch island Curacao. He discovered his will to be an artist at a very young age when he started rapping. Once he moved to The Netherlands at the age of 14, he discovered his love for dance music. Two years later, after a few rap-performances he was asked to MC at a party and he rocked it! Shortly after that he decided to become an MC!

Over the years he has hosted at many venues under the name MC Blizza. Such as Bungalow 8, Little Buddha, Rex and he also had performed in Belgium! Le Cirq, RIVA, Missing Link. With big artist such as Billy The Kit, La Fuente, Romeo Blanco, Guy'Do, Moonflower, Manuccii and many more!

Uitgaansagenda The Qure

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 28 juli 2017: Uit je Naad, The Spot, Bussum
7 februari 2014
Foto's, Uit je naad!, 7 februari 2014, Let's Get Down, Hilversum