Insane S (foto)
NaamSacha Biagini
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore, speedcore, terror
Sacha Biagini , aka DJ INSANE S , begins his journey in the world of music during his teens , listening and participating in Hardtechno events.
Start using the first professional equipment by Dj dishes and vinyl and a few years later he began his passion for hardcore music and all of its subgenres , to the more extreme .
In 2010 he was aware of staff Gabberitalia , the only one to propose in Tuscany hardcore music .
He began to participate in many festivals GBRI staff .
His passion for music led him to buy more and more hardcore vinyl up to the debut on 18/02/11 at GabberItalia party in Florence , proposing a DJ set hardcore / darkcore .
From that moment began playing in various gigs , to become a true member of the same team...
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Insane S