Bryan Dalton (foto)
NaamBryan van der wal
Genresgroove, house, techhouse
partyflock Bryan Dalton (25 mei 2014)
Bryan Dalton was born in 1985, growing up to be someone who distinguishes himself as an extraordinary DJ and producer. Bryan is known for his outstanding mixing skills that match the quality of his releases. He grew up with a diversity of music influences. With a very curious mind and a big passion for music, Bryan picked up his very first record at the age of 12.
He discovered his unique gift. Having the luxury of a wonderful father who had his own club, Bryan took his chance to pursue a career as a professional DJ.
In the following years Bryan didn't go unnoticed in the dance scene. His talent was picked up by numerous clubs and radio stations all over The Netherlands, and he was performing on regular basis (inter)nationally soon after...
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Geer en Maris
Ik heb de DV '11 mix gedownload en ik zeg: LEKKER HOOR !!!
hij draait gewoon goed!! je verjaardag was toppie gister xxx

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Ik heb net de DV '11 gehoord en zeg maar 1 ding...­
Lekker hoor!!!