Barbara Ford (foto)
NaamBarbara van Limburg Stirum
AliasHet Meisje (voorganger)
Genresacid, house, techno
partyflock Barbaravls (16 mei 2015)
As Het Meisje, Barbara Ford already proved herself a genuinely skilled DJ. She then decided to make a massive turnaround to put her focus on techno. Since Ford graduated as an art director, she spends as much time as possible in the studio. It is therefore not surprising that Ford, as a producer, soon knew how to distinguish herself from the rest. With her preference for Old School Detroit techno, Chicago vibes and her love for Acid, she manages to surprise the audience again and again. Just think of Surgeon, Bambounou, Ron Morelli and Karenn. Ford was on the mainstage of various Dutch festivals such as Into The Woods, OHM Festival, Soenda and Buitenspelen Festival...
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